"It's all a pretty joyful platform for the cast's musicianship."
Jul 27, 2017 By Hayley Levitt (Theatermania)

The cast of  The Goree All-Girl String Band , directed by Ashley Brooke Monroe. (© Shira Friedman Photography)

The cast of The Goree All-Girl String Band, directed by Ashley Brooke Monroe. (© Shira Friedman Photography)

"...one of several memorable solos, most of them by performers portraying characters who are not among the six members of the Goree band – besides Braden’s, Hayden’s lovely “Great Big World” and Nattalyee Randall’s powerhouse “I Don’t Mind.”"
July 27, 2017 By Jonathan Mandell (New York Theater)

"The cast, for what they had to do in such a short time, was stellar."
"Mark my words, this show has a life beyond NYMF."
July 28, 2017 Suzanna Bowling (Times Square Chronicles)

"Goree exits the festival, with time served, on Saturday. But it’s a production that deserves a longer run. Can a show with a cast this large find the backing to bring it Off-Broadway? One good sign: the show was recently named as the recipient of this year’s Kevin Spacey Foundation Artists of Choice. Hopefully, the producers will find their way to a lengthier sentence. It would be a crime not to."
Jul 27, 2017 By Stanford Friedman (The Front Row Center)

"Ably directed by Ashley Brooke Monroe, just about everyone in the 13-person cast deserves special mention. Along with singing and dancing, they each do more than their bit with a wide assortment of musical instruments, from guitars and banjos to a cello and string bass. There are flutes, an accordion and drums, and at one point, even a washboard comes into play.

Most prominent, though, are Lauren Patten as the band’s spunky leader, and Ruby Wolf, as a youthful, tremulous prisoner who blossoms under the band’s stewardship. As the prison’s blustery but lenient warden and his unwaveringly good-hearted wife, Nick Plakias and Tamra Hayden, bring some mature sagacity and humanity to the proceedings."
Tuesday, 1 August, 2017 Ron Cohen (Musical Theater Review)