I have officially completed the run of Man of La Mancha here at Bristol Riverside Theater! I can't believe it is already over - I had a beautiful experience and feel blessed to have spent the time with such an amazing cast and crew.

 I think my favorite review was about the chemistry between Don Quixote, Sancho, and Aldonza:

“Well before her standout performance in the song “Aldonza,” however, (Tamra) Hayden locks in with (Robert) Newman and (Danny) Rutigliano. The trio’s chemistry is almost palpable for the rest of the night.”  -Jack Fernino, The Midweek Wire

Although this video isn't showing us in costume or the final 'product', it is a wonderful reminder of the great time I had. Watch the cast sing 'The Impossible Dream' from week 2 of rehearsals!

Well, things are not stopping for me. I'm already rehearsing for my next performance, a Tina Howe play, “Caution, This Bus Kneels, Stand Clear”.