Broadway Sings For Florence: A Benefit Concert Oct 22


Performers from some of the biggest hits on Broadway will be raising funds for hurricane relief and recovery during the Broadway Sings for Florence concert on Monday, Oct. 22 at Raleigh’s Meymandi Concert Hall in the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster and through the center’s website, VIP seats, which include a post-concert reception on stage with the artists, are $100. Reserved seats are $45, $35 and $25. All ticket sales and donations at the event will be given to hurricane recovery efforts.



Orchestra Kentucky Update

On Sept 30th, Craig Schulman, Susan Anderson, and I had a wonderful time performing glorious show tunes to benefit our friends at Orchestra Kentucky. Thanks to all who came to support this fine group of musicians!




The Goree All-Girl String Band @ NYMF - A few reviews:

"It's all a pretty joyful platform for the cast's musicianship."
Jul 27, 2017 By Hayley Levitt (Theatermania)

 The cast of  The Goree All-Girl String Band , directed by Ashley Brooke Monroe. (© Shira Friedman Photography)

The cast of The Goree All-Girl String Band, directed by Ashley Brooke Monroe. (© Shira Friedman Photography)

" of several memorable solos, most of them by performers portraying characters who are not among the six members of the Goree band – besides Braden’s, Hayden’s lovely “Great Big World” and Nattalyee Randall’s powerhouse “I Don’t Mind.”"
July 27, 2017 By Jonathan Mandell (New York Theater)

"The cast, for what they had to do in such a short time, was stellar."
"Mark my words, this show has a life beyond NYMF."
July 28, 2017 Suzanna Bowling (Times Square Chronicles)

"Goree exits the festival, with time served, on Saturday. But it’s a production that deserves a longer run. Can a show with a cast this large find the backing to bring it Off-Broadway? One good sign: the show was recently named as the recipient of this year’s Kevin Spacey Foundation Artists of Choice. Hopefully, the producers will find their way to a lengthier sentence. It would be a crime not to."
Jul 27, 2017 By Stanford Friedman (The Front Row Center)

"Ably directed by Ashley Brooke Monroe, just about everyone in the 13-person cast deserves special mention. Along with singing and dancing, they each do more than their bit with a wide assortment of musical instruments, from guitars and banjos to a cello and string bass. There are flutes, an accordion and drums, and at one point, even a washboard comes into play.

Most prominent, though, are Lauren Patten as the band’s spunky leader, and Ruby Wolf, as a youthful, tremulous prisoner who blossoms under the band’s stewardship. As the prison’s blustery but lenient warden and his unwaveringly good-hearted wife, Nick Plakias and Tamra Hayden, bring some mature sagacity and humanity to the proceedings."
Tuesday, 1 August, 2017 Ron Cohen (Musical Theater Review)



Returned from London!

A slightly jet lagged but completely renewed greeting to you! 

I just returned from a wonderful, much needed vacation in the U.K. My husband, Glenn, and I traveled around England and North Wales walking in the footsteps of some of our ancestors. If you'd like to see highlights from our adventure, click here!

On Monday, I will return to New York to begin rehearsals for "The Goree All-Girl String Band"
It will be presented as part of the New York Musical Theater Festival at The Acorn Theatre, 410 West 42nd St., New York, NY (July 24 - 29). If you will be in the New York area at the end of July, I'd love to see you there :) Order your tickets here

I hope you are enjoying your Summer so far! 



New Lyric Video "Wrecking Ball Blues"

This is not a pretty song. 

It came out of a time of frustration about 5 years ago.

Lately, as I've grappled to find a way to express my sadness and fear over the demolition of the National Endowment for the Arts, Environmental Protecion Agency, and inhumanities across the globe, I imagine the wrecking ball as a way to break down walls of division.

Art Halperin, created the soundtrack and recorded my vocal at his beautiful Top of the World Studios in New York.

Wrecking Ball Blues
by Tamra Hayden
©2012 Tamra Hayden

I'm biding my time till the Wrecking Ball
I'm waiting for the chips to fall
If I've seen one, I've seen 'em all
I'm biding my time till the Wrecking Ball

There must be a jungle somewhere
I've planted seeds from here to there
They must be growin' in the air
I must have a jungle somewhere

I've got irons in the fire
Cookin' up schemes to get me higher
Got lots of steel burnin' red as flame
But, not a penny to my name

I am one in 99 (%)
Waitin' for the sun to shine
On my situation, the time must come
To even up with the other 1 (%)

I'm biding my time till the Wrecking Ball
I'm waiting for the chips to fall
If I've seen one, I've seen 'em all
I'm biding my time till the Wrecking Ball



New Video - "Black Is The Color" Joan Baez (Acoustic Cover by Tamra Hayden)

This hauntingly beautiful song is one of the first Joan Baez recorded. You can find her beautiful version on Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square:

I created this video out of my growing concerns for our environment with the Executive Orders directed against National Parks and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency I decided to make this video a love song to some of my favorite places and our most precious resources that are in danger: clean air and fresh water. Basic needs that are being threatened. Our health and our very lives are at stake, not just these glorious views! I hope you will do all that you can to help preserve our wild open spaces and National Parks. I snapped all the nature photos/videos with my iPhone 5S or 7 over the past few years in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park near Lake Dillon, Winter Park and Estes Park, Colorado. Enjoy!




Tonight,  in Time Square, I will be showing up and standing for what I strongly believe along with others in the Broadway community:

Equal Rights
Freedom & Justice for ALL!



Happy Solstice

Enjoy 30 minutes of Holiday cheer from my home to yours featuring selections from my Christmas Album, Unwrapped, with pianist, Eugene Gwozdz, and a video of my very own "Yule Log" from a few nights ago!





Well, I finally did it...

Here is my first Facebook live. I sing my song, Eden Will Bloom, in honor and in support of the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.



Last night

Last night, Remembering Theo - Theodore Bikel, the multi-faceted artist, activist, intellectual, human-being, friend – was a night that will linger in my psyche forever. I got to laugh and cry with old friends whom I worked with in Fiddler On The Roof as we prepared for the event. I got to share a mic with the ever enthralling Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary(!) during the finale and was moved by the humanity of the whole evening.

(Stas Kmiec, Adrienne Doucette, Tamra Hayden, Michael Iannucci, Vanessa Lemonides, Nick Rafello, Eileen Tepper, Jonathan Hadley, Susan Cella, and John Preece)

(Adrienne Doucette,  Jonathan Hadley, Tamra Hayden, Nick Rafello, and Michael Iannucci backstage)



Remembering Theo

This month, I am preparing to sing for an event to honor a dear colleague and mentor, Theodore Bikel, on Sept 27th in NYC.

Theo was my Papa in Fiddler on the Roof and I got to sing “Far From The Home I Love” to him at the train station every night. What an emotional memory that is! He often would invite the cast to an evening of food and song, singing folk songs he collected from around the World in several languages. This was after doing 8 performances as Tevye! He was a force to be reckoned with.

At home, on Sunday evenings, he often held informal jams with the likes of Peter Yarrow, Arlo Guthrie, and Tom Paxton. Aimee Ginsburg Bikel approached me to put together a small group of alumni from our cast of Fiddler on the Roof to sing “Sabbath Prayer” at the memorial concert, Remembering Theo.

The concert will feature Peter Yarrow, David Broza, Sheldon Harnick and more. It will also serve as a CD release of a collection of songs Theo was working on his last few years,"While I'm Here", and a Fundraiser for the Theodore Bikel Fund for Peace and Social Justice.

The Fund will honor and promote the values that Theo struggled for throughout his life: human rights and social justice, dignity and peace for Israel, its neighbors and the world. Check here for more information.


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Find Peace, the Hootenanny Way.

Lately I've been hearing a lot of people disparaging about how crazy and scary things are getting around the world. I've been thinking about this a lot and have come to the conclusion that we would all get along much better if we had more music jams or hootenannies! There is a certain camaraderie that happens when people come together to make music.

Music Jam: an informal gathering of musicians improvising together, especially in jazz or blues. (not to be confused with other definitions of jam: to become blocked or wedged; to fill often to excess; to push forcibly; to make unintelligible by sending out interfering signals or messages... no, no, no! These would be the opposite of a good ole music jam!)

Hootenanny: a gathering at which folksingers entertain often with the audience joining in; an informal gathering with folk music and sometimes dancing (ooh, I like that part!)

So, here is my list of ways to Find Peace, the Hootenanny way:

1. Show up - This can be true of anything. Truly, just deciding to show up ready to play or sing along or actively pursue peace in yourself and in the world around you is the first step. You have a gift, be it voice, instrument or active listener/dancer. Bring it! :)

2. Be prepared – the good ole boyscout motto comes to mind. Tune your instrument. Warm up your voice. Get ready to experience some awesome music and inner peace.

3. Set an intention - Having a goal helps you get the most out of any situation. You may be new to making music. You may be an old pro. So, what is it you want to gain today? If you have never been to a jam or feel that you are 'unable' to play along, perhaps just making the decision to play a kazoo or a tambourine is enough. Learning a new chord on the guitar. Letting someone else take a lead and not hogging the microphone... These are all ways to accepting yourself and others' limitations and awesomeness, ultimately, finding a sense of peace.

4. Communication – Communicating what song to play in what key you'll play in, when the bridge starts, what verse to sing. A sense of tranquility comes when you know the words and where you are in the song and can sing and play along :)

5. Listen first, then join in - Peace, and the best music jam, begins with thoughtful listening and understanding.

6. No Judgement - Breathe and then jump in! Doing your best to play something in harmony with others involves discipline and compromise. Have no fear! Go “all in” and have fun!
Now I'm in the mood for a good ole hootenanny! Let's all join in and make some awesome music! (literally and figuratively!)

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Preview on Richard Skipper Celebrations [blog]

Thank you to the lovely Richard Skipper for previewing my show at 54 Below happening tomorrow night! I can't wait to show you photos and more next week!

My featured artist of the day is Tamra Hayden. She will be appearing tomorrow night, July 7th, at Feinstein's 54 Below. 
From Broadway to the Blues, critics have called Tamra Hayden an 'emotionally rich, psychologically-detailed singer that can “reheat coffee" and 'outsizzle’ Peggy Lee.’ 
Tamra Hayden is a celebrated vocalist and accomplished multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, guitar, and viola. She has five solo albums to her credit, as well as dozens of musical collaborations. She has appeared on Broadway as Cosette in Les Miserables and as Texas in Cabaret. Off-Broadway performances have included Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris, and she has toured nationally as Christine in Phantom Of The Opera, Hodel in Fiddler On The Roof opposite Theodore Bikel, and It Ain’t Nothing But The Blues. Tamra Hayden is versatile, spirited, and prolific.

This show features the music from Tamra Hayden’s latest CD, Love Is… Tamra celebrates the many facets of love with sexy jazz tunes such as: “Fever” and “Something’s Gotta Give,” rousing Broadway anthems such as “It All Fades Away” from Bridges of Madison County, and plenty of spontaneous hilarity to make for an extraordinary performance. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll fall in love all over again!

I sat down recently to get to know a little bit more about Tamra beyond the press releases and to give you a chance to get to know her better as well. I hope you enjoy.
Right after our exchange on Facebook, Tamra was cast as Aldonza in Man of La Mancha and hasbeen in a whirlwind since then! She had to reschedule her 54 Below show, Love Is..., to TOMORROW NIGHT July 6th at 9:30 pm because it conflicted with the show schedule. 

What do you think it takes to succeed in this business? 
I find that the nicest and most compassionate people make it to the top! Of course, a lot of grit and talent doesn't hurt. I believe if you have the passion to do something and you work hard with all your heart and never give up, you will eventually succeed! 

When you see a bunch of talented people, why do you suppose one goes on to become a star while the others fall by the wayside?
I think it has a lot to do with timing. There are soooo many talented people in the World! So many that are great and deserving of a big break! Getting the right role at just the right time can mean everything! I think that is what helped me land my Broadway debut as Cosette in Les Miserables. I just happened to be the right age, look, and vocal type at just the right time. Of course, that didn't make me a star. But, it gave me a nice start to my career.

Why do you keep doing what you do? 

I LOVE it! I love using music and creativity to spread peace, love and tolerance! To help people have cathartic release from what binds them up inside. We are in the midst of such insanity right now! I hope that I can use my gifts to serve humanity! That is all. That is everything! 

What do you still want that you don't have now? 
Well, I was recently gifted a Harp and a Mountain Dulcimer... so that is taken care of. Now, I just need plenty of time to learn how to play them! That would be nice... and a villa in Tuscany... is that too much to ask?

At what point, if ever, did you think of quitting? 
I contemplate quitting quite often. Luckily those moments pass because I truly love what I do! It's just the business of the biz that gets to me. I keep my eye on my message and 'why' I do what I do. That motivates me and keeps me going!

What Wisdom would you like to offer my readers today? 
Stay true to who you are and know that is enough. You are perfect as is! 

Do you consider yourself competitive?
Yes, but not with other people. I like to reach my goals and accomplish what I've set out to do. But, never at the expense of someone else. At the end of the day, I just want to know that I've done my personal best. 

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